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Wannaburger, Queensferry, 28/01/11, ££

Wannaburger used to be a popular choice for Miss Twin and Mrs Fish, the giant burgers so tasty that on their last trip they decided to just half one to prevent spending the afternoon meaty full and sleepy. Plus you got a shot glass of peanut M&M’s when you paid! We were worried when it shut near the end of 2010 for a revamp and opened up as a counter service establishment, so returned to find out what the new look Wannaburger was like.

The design has altered a little, very simple and modern, with some small booths, tables for 2 and counters for 4 to sit at. Ordering is done at a counter in front of the open kitchen/grill area and you’re given a numbered pager which vibrates when the order is ‘up’ - “If I’m shakin, your burger’s waitin'". Food is then served in disposable wrappers and cups on a cute rectangular metal tray.

Miss Twin had: Cheeseburger (£3.45) with Cajan fries (£1.55) and chocolate shake (£2.95) = £7.95

The burgers have reduced in size from before, but thankfully this is accompanied by a reduced price, so they’re more wallet friendly and you can actually hold them in your hand. Well nearly, stuff was still falling out of mine and all down my face. There are lots of options to customise your burger, some free and others at an additional 30p, I went for some free relish and red onion to accompany the pickles, onions, cheese and salad that were already crammed inside the bun with the juicy meat. Definitely as good as I remembered. I chose the Cajun fries as an accompaniment which had a spicy kick to them, would probably go au naturale next time.

This was washed down with a chocolate shake which I was looking forward to the most, thick with flecks of chocolate, basically drinking ice cream through a straw is a tasty way to end your week.

While I do miss the shot class of sweeties, the food remains just as yummy and now comes at a cheaper price. Plus there’s bonus points for playing Counting Crows, the Rolling Stones and Bloc Party while we were there.

Mrs Fish had: Cheeseburger (£3.45) with fries (£1.50) and banana shake (£2.95) = £8.20

First off, you may have noticed the price doesn't quite add up on my order. I was charged 30p for something which I was hoping would turn out to be a giant pickle, which I would have been very happy to accidentally receive, but no, the 30p remains a mystery. Perhaps I was bazinga-ed. Not that it really mattered because the meal that followed was a very tasty meal indeed.

I opted for relish and fried onions as free extras in my burger, which I managed to hold together using the three napkins I was given. Surely burgers were never meant to be a tidy affair? A smaller burger than before, but still very tasty and easier to handle and to finish! Slight niggle - a bit too salty. The fries were good - nice and hot, golden, and again in the right quantity. And the milkshake? 11/10 - freshly made, not overly sweet and not too filling.

To summarise the changes:
no crinkle cut fries, no peanut m&ms, no table service, better portions, better prices, better atmosphere, more speed and still very tasty. I think there were also a few new things on the menu too.

Entered Restaurant, ordered and paid at 13:05

Food arrived at 13:15

Finished food at 13:40

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